Success Stories



 The Center Street Business Center, LLC reconstructed 28,000 sq. ft. of space available in a vacant textile Mill on Center Street in Warsaw. This building now houses the Wyoming County Agriculture and Business Center; enabling the County to co-locate Agriculture and Economic Development services in one building.  The goal was to enhance inter-agency efficiencies and synergies to stimulate expansion of the Dairy Industry, provide a one stop shop for the agriculture community and promote regional leadership within Wyoming County. The completed project houses 13 agencies.  This project required an investment of more than $4.5 million.

Creative Food Ingredients, Inc. - Expansion to existing manufacturing plant in Perry, N.Y.


Creative Food Ingredients, Inc. produces and sells baked ingredient products to the prepared dessert, confectionery, ice cream, and nutritional bar industries. The company was founded in 2005 and is based in Perry, New York at the previous Archway Cookie location.  CFI employs 130 people at their tree nut and peanut-free manufacturing facility in Perry and another 20 people at their administrative offices and distribution center in Mississauga, Ontario.  CFI's 50,000 sq. ft. addition to its existing facility allows the company to connect the two buildings it was working out of in order to make production flow more efficiently.  The addition will also provide increased storage for raw materials, a wash area, and warehouse/ load out space for finished product.  A $2.2M investment with 80 jobs created over 3 years. Total IDA incentives projected, over a ten year period, is estimated to be $533,600.


T.J. Marquart & Sons, Inc - Truck repair expansion on Route 19 in Gainesville, New York


Established in 1967 as a family farm partnership, T. J. Marquart & Sons, Inc. located in the Town of Gainesville, is one of 6 entities owned by the Marquart family.  Along with crops (including the potato washing and storage business), the dairy, realty and trucking make T.J. Marquart & Sons, Inc. and its affiliates, one of the largest employers in Wyoming County, and growing.  Marquart's have recognized the needs of municipalities and school districts to have their trucks and buses serviced and repaired in the county verses outside of the county where the time and costs are more.  T.J. Marquart & Sons, Inc. is constructing a 30,375 sq. ft. steel building to house the expansion to its existing truck repair facility. The business currently has 40 employees at this location and expects to create 40 additional fulltime jobs in the county over the next 3 years.  The expansion project is a $4.7M investment with IDA incentives projected, over a ten year period, to be $885,665.

East Hill Creamery/ Alpine Acres - New cheese manufacturing plant in Perry, New York


Gary & Betty Burley began farming in 1981 with a small herd of 18 cows on a 100 acre farm on the East Hill (Route 20A) in Warsaw, NY.  They acquired more land as it became available and gradually increased their herd in order to support their family and be self sufficient. Today East Hill Farms milks 700 cows in a rotational grazing system.  They are pursuing a longtime dream to share with the community by producing a value added product from their milk and began construction of a state of the art cheese plant in the spring of 2015.   They have researched different types of cheeses and have chosen to make a cheese that will emphasize the flavors in milk derived from the grasses, herbs and flowers that their cows eat in the pasture. East Hill Creamery is nearing completion of an 11,288 sq. ft. cheese manufacturing plant in a 2 story Swiss style chalet and 3,500 sq. ft. of caves for aging the cheese.  The project consists of the construction of the plant and caves, acquiring and installing cheese manufacturing equipment, HVAC equipment, construction of a retail area and educational area set up for teaching the public about cheese making.  The creamery will produce cheese and a value added product produced from grass fed cow's milk.  The project investment of $4M will realize IDA incentives projected, over a ten year period, to be $665,108.


Marquart Bros., LLC - Expansion to existing potato washing/storage facility


Established in 1967 as a family farm partnership, Marquart Bros., LLC located in the Town of Gainesville, is one of 6 entities owned by the Marquart family.  Along with crops (including the potato washing and storage business), the dairy, realty and trucking make Marquart Bros, LLC and its affiliates, one of the largest employers in Wyoming County, and growing.  Marquart's have recognized the need to add on to its Potato storage facility.  Marquart Bros, LLC constructed a 36,400 sq. ft. steel building to house the expansion to its existing potato washing and storage facility.  The increased space makes room for 2 climate controlled storage bins.  The business currently has 10 employees at this location and expects to create 10 additional fulltime jobs in the county over the next 3 years.  The project investment is $2.5M , with IDA incentives projected, over a ten year period, to be $100,000.

Arcade REHC 1 / Krog Corp.  - Expansion to an existing building in Arcade, New York   

Based in Orchard Park, NY, with another office in Corning, NY, The Krog Corp. was founded in 1995 by professional engineer Peter J. Krog and is one of the top construction firms in the area.  In 2008 Krog formed the limited liability company, Arcade REHC 1, LLC, and purchased the Arcade Business Park from the WCIDA.  Krog built a 16,000 sq. ft. building on the property and leased approximately half of the space to Base Technology.  Last year Base Technology out grew the space it was in and leased the additional building space available to accommodate its growth.  Currently Base Tech is looking, once again, to expand due the acquisition of two out of state businesses.  In order to accommodate the need for additional space, Arcade REHC 1, LLC is building an 18,000 sq. ft. addition.  The expansion project is a $1.425M investment and will allow for 35 new fulltime jobs in the county over the next 3 years. The value of IDA incentives is projected to be $160,000.



In 2009 Governor Paterson announced the $1.3 million award from the NYS DOT Multi Model grant to Wyoming County.  The WCIDA applied for the grant funds on behalf of the county because of the need to move railroad tracks in Arcade and Attica.   By moving the tracks in Arcade it would allow Koike Aronson Manufacturing the space it needed for continued growth at its facility and ultimately the creation of dozens of jobs.  The moving of the track in Attica was necessary to accommodate the loading and unloading of rail cars closer to Hillcrest Industries while moving the activity away from the residential area.  Included in this project are the plans for a trans-loading and unloading facility which can be accessed and utilized by many companies in the area.  By providing access to the railroad it will enable businesses to cut transportation costs and be more competitive in their industries.  

After much delay due to the recent recession, the approval to release the funds and allow the projects to move forward was granted in August of 2011.   Since that time the tracks have been moved in Arcade and Koike Aronson Manufacturing, Inc. has started their expansion project utilizing the new space as promised. 

The project plan for Attica has been changed and a new site in Gainesville has been identified.  Work is underway to develop a plan to install a rail spur and unloading facility.


 KOIKE ARONSON MANUFACTURING, INC.                                                      

Koike is a leading supplier of advanced cutting machines, welding positioning equipment, portable cutting/welding machines, and gas apparatus. The WCIDA provided property and sales tax incentives for its 20,000 sq. ft. expansion project in 2006 and in 2008 completed a demo room.   Koike is currently putting on a 30,000 sq. ft. addition which was only made possible by the moving of the rail tracks behind the facility.  The funding for moving the tracks was included in the Rail Initiative Grant.


In 2005, the M&T Trucking Company in the Town of Covington was looking at moving their operation to Monroe County to enable them to expand and create 50 new jobs. The WCIDA stepped in and, working collaboratively with the NYS Governors Office for Small Cities and the Town of Covington, was able to obtain a $375,000 grant for the company and retain the business in Wyoming County.  M&T Trucking stayed in Wyoming County and with their new growth and success they were able to create more than 80 new jobs. 


The grants obtained through the Governor's Office, most recently named NYS Department of Homes and Community Renewal, are funded with money from what is called the Community Development Block Grant program, or "CDBG". The County or Town applies for the grant and if awarded, receives the funds on behalf of the business.  The WCIDA manages the application process, distribution of the funds through the Wyoming County Business Assistance Corporation, "WCBAC", completes mandated reports on the project and ensures the project is completed as proposed, including the creation of jobs.

Once these funds are awarded, the WCBAC distributes the dollars in a 1/3 grant to 2/3 loan combination to the business.  The loan portion of the proceeds is amortized over 10 years with a one- time interest payment of 3% of the loan amount pre-paid at the time of closing. The repaid dollars are put back into the loan program and the WCBAC is able to assist other Wyoming County businesses with needed funding for projects.  

With the help of the WCIDA similar grants have been obtained for other manufacturers and Agri-businesses across the county.  Since 2005 the WCIDA has facilitated 10 CDBG's with a total awarded to Wyoming County businesses of $2,056,809.  The WCBAC currently maintains seven CDBG open projects in its portfolio showing a balance of $612,104 and has collected repaid funds in the amount of $695,768.     


   Hidden Valley Animal Adventure opened to the public in 2010. The project took more than three years to complete;but it has received nothing but rave reviews from visitors. The WCIDA assisted the project with property and sales tax incentives and the WCBAC approved a $250,000 loan for finishing touches, working capital, and marketing    

Hillcrest Industries in Attica began production of a new glass bead product that is used in road applications in 2009. The company planned to install three furnaces used in this process within the next two years. The WCBAC provided a $200,000 loan in order to acquire and install its second glass bead furnace in 2010. This is the second of three proposed furnaces to produce a new glass bead product that is used in highway applications.

Toy Storage In collaboration with the WCBC, the WCIDA utilized its power of "eminent domain" to acquire the former Robeson site in Castile. The court proceedings were completed in August 2010 and the property is now owned by Tim Calmes and is the home of Toy Storage; a storage and repair facility for recreational boats.

 Blue Seal Feeds in Arcade continued its growth by adding a new palletizing system to the recently completed warehouse project. The WCIDA assisted with sales tax incentives for the project.

Perry New York, LLC, received financing and tax assistance for the rehabilitation of commercial buildings in Perry.

RS Maher & Son, Inc. received financing assistance to complete its new truck and farm vehicle repair facility in Eagle.

Steel & O'Brien Manufacturing, Inc. was assisted by the WCIDA to receive financing from the NYS Office of Community Renewal. Simultaneously, the WCBC assisted the company in obtaining financing from Empire State Development Corp

Attica Mill Works received WCIDA financing to become the sole US distributor of special hard wood flooring that is manufactured in Europe.

Crompton Camp Grounds (Yogi Bear's Jelly-stone Park) in Java made big splash by opening its new $3 million water park in 2009. WCIDA assistance helped resolve financing issues for the project. In addition to increased sales tax revenue and job creation for the county, Jelly-stone Park has also contributed more than $20,000 in county bed tax each summer.


In 2007 the WCIDA was presented with an application from Noble Energy proposing a 67 turbine wind park in the town of Eagle.  The project, like others that followed, were examined and studied extensively to identify the environmental impacts of such projects.   In the end the project was determined by the local town board to be acceptable as the environmental impacts, which there were some to be addressed, did not outweigh the benefits provided to the residents of the town for such a large investment in its community.   The IDA held a public hearing and found the benefits exceeded the concerns and therefore granted the project IDA assistance.  

Each Wind Project had considerable investment by the project owners and the local communities receive a fee for hosting the project.  These fees enabled the host towns to reduce and/ or remove the town tax to its residents.  The project owners invest in improvements to the local roads and emergency services which not only benefits the project but the local municipalities as well.

The WCIDA also receives a fee for providing the tax incentives, as with any project approved for assistance.   With the fees earned the WCIDA has been able to support projects across the county that it would not have been able to before the wind projects.  The WCIDA has increased its loan portfolio from $1million to just over $4 million in loans to local businesses today.


Noble Bliss Wind Park:  The 67 wind turbine project began producing electricity in 2008. This project pioneered wind farm projects of its size in the county.  Working with the Eagle Town officials Noble paved the way for other wind projects in Wyoming County.  The WCIDA provided property and sales tax incentives which made the project feasible.

Noble Wethersfield Wind Park The 58 wind turbine project began producing electricity in 2009. Noble worked with the Town of Wethersfield officials to bring this project to fruition. The WCIDA provided property and sales tax incentives.

Noble Wind Operations, LLC built an operations and maintenance facility in the Town of Wethersfield where it serves as base for 14 full time field technicians, management and administrative personnel.

High Sheldon Wind Farm completed construction in 2009 and began producing electricity. The parent company, Invenergy, worked with Sheldon Town officials to construct 85, 1.5 megawatt turbines. Wyoming County now has more operating wind turbines than any other county in New York State.

Invenergy has constructed a permanent operations facility in the Town of Sheldon where it employees 9 full time technicians, management and administrative personnel

Stony Creek Wind Farm owned by Invenergy is the last wind project constructed in the county.  The 38 turbine wind park started construction in the Town of Orangeville in 2013.  The WCIDA has committed to providing property and sales tax incentives to this project.