Wyoming County IDA Reports and Budget

WCIDA Board of Directors Meeting Schedule for 2017: PUBLIC NOTICE- WCIDA meeting dates 2017.doc


Wyoming County IDA Enabling Statute- Enabling Statute.pdf 

Article 18-A of the General Municipal Law : GML Article18A Title1_2.2015.pdf                                                    

 Wyoming County IDA Mission Statement   WCIDA Mission Statement and Measurement Report 2016.pdf /WCIDA Mission Statement and Measurement Report 2015.pdfWCIDA Mission Statement and Measurement Report 2014.pdf / Mission Statement and Measurement Report 2014.pdfWCIDA Mission Statement and Measurement Report 2013.doc  

 Agency By- Laws WCIDA BYLAWS Adopted 09-26-13.pdf 

 Agency Policies  WyCo IDA Uniform Tax Exemption Policy revised 2015.pdf WCIDA Code of Ethics.pdf / 

                            Whistle BlowerPolicy.pdf/  Travel and Discretionary Funds Policy.pdf/

                            Defense and Indemnification Policy.pdf/Compensation Reimbursement and Attendance /

                            Policy for the Receipt of Accounting Complaints.pdfInvestment Policy.pdf/  

                            Disposition of Real Property Policy.pdf / Procurement Policy.pdf / Real Property Acquisition Policy.pdf /                     

WCIDA Measurement Report   WCIDA Mission Statement and Measurement Report 2016.pdf/WCIDA Mission Statement and Measurement Report 2015.pdf /WCIDA Measurement Report 2014.pdf /WCIDA Measurement Report 2013.doc

 Organizational Chart  WCIDA Organiztional Chart.pdf

WCIDA Board of Directors and Committees Board / Staff/ Committees

 Approved Yearly IDA Budget   2017 Approved IDA Budget.xls  /2016 Approved IDA Budget.xls  / 2015 Approved IDA Budget.xls / 2014 Approved IDA Budget.xls /2013 Approved IDA Budget.xls

 Audited Financials/ Annual Report    WCIDA 2016 Final FS.pdfIDA Financial Statements 2015.pdf  / 2014 IDA Final FS.pdf / WCIDA Financial Audit 2013.pdf / WCIDA Final 2012 Financial Statement.pdf

 Management Report    WCIDA 2016 Final MR RL.pdf  /WCIDA Management Report 2015.pdf /2014 IDA Final Mgt Rpt.pdf / WCIDA 2013 Mgt Rpt.pdf / WCIDA Final 2012 Mgt Rpt.pdf 

 Executive Directors Report      2016 Annual Meeting Summary.docx /2015 Annual Meeting Summary.pdf  / 2014 Executive Directors Summary.docx/  2013 Executive Directors Summary.docx /  

 Annual Board of Directors Evaluation  WCIDA Summary of Confidential Board Performance Evaluation.pdf /AnnualBoardOfDirectorsEvaluation 2015.pdf / WCIDA Confidential Evaluation of Board Performance2014.pdf / Wyoming County IDA Confidential Board Evaluation Results 2013.pdf /Annual Board of Directors Evaluation.pdf

 WCIDA Board Meeting Agenda's      Agenda WCIDA December 14 2017.doc /Agenda WCIDA November 9 2017.pdfWCIDA Annual Meeting Agenda September 7 2017.pdf  / Agenda WCIDA August 10 2017.doc /Agenda WCIDA July 13 2017.doc /Agenda WCIDA June 8 2017.pdf  /Agenda WCIDA Special Meeting May 18 2017.doc /Agenda WCIDA WCBAC Mar 24 2017.doc /Agenda WCIDA WCBAC Feb 24 2017.doc / Agenda WCIDA WCBAC Jan 12 2017.docAgenda WCIDA WCBAC Dec 8 2016.doc  /Agenda WCIDA WCBAC Nov 3 2016.doc / Agenda WCIDA WCBAC Sept 22 2016 Annual meeting.doc /WCIDA_agenda August 11 2016.docx /agenda July 14 2016.docx  agenda June 9 2016.docx / agenda April 14 2016.docxagenda March 10 2016.docx  /agenda February 11 2016.docx /agenda January 14 2016.docx / WCIDA_agenda December 14 2015.docx /  agenda December 10 2015.docxagenda November 12 2015.docx / agenda October 8 2015.docx / Agenda WCIDA & WCBAC Sept 10 2015 Annual meeting.doc/  July 16 2015.docx /  June 11 2015.docx / May 14 2015.docx / April 9 2015.docMarch 12 2015.doc February 12 2015.doc January 15 2015.docDecember 11 2014.doc 

 WCIDA Board Minutes    WCIDA Mtg Min Nov 09 2017.docx/WCIDA Annual Mtg Min Sept 072017.doc / WCIDA Mtg Min July 13 2017.docx /WCIDA Mtg Min June 8 2017.docx /WCIDA Special Mtg Min May 18 2017.docx /WCIDA Mtg Min March 24 2017.docx  /WCIDA Mtg Min February 24 2017.docx/WCIDA Mtg Min January 12 2017.docxWCIDA Mtg Min December 8 2016.docx / WCIDA Mtg Min November 3 2016.docx / WCIDA Annual Mtg Min Sept 22 2016.doc /  Aug 11 2016.docx  /  July 14 2016.docx  /June 9 2016.docx April 14 2016.docx  /  March 10 2016.docx /February 11 2016.docx / January 14 2016.docx / WCIDA Special Mtg Min December 14 2015.docx / December 10 2015.docx / Nov 12 2015.docx / Oct 8 2015.docx /Annual Mtg Min Sept 10 2015.doc /  July 16 2015.docx /June 11 2015.docx /  May 14 2015.docx / April 9 2015.docx / March 12 2015.docx Feb 12 2015.doc Jan 15 2015.doc /  Dec 11 2014.doc 

 Project Information and Board Resolution Current IDA Projects /

 Effectiveness of Internal Controls  WCIDA Certified Internal Control Assessment.pdf  /2015 WCIDA Effectiveness of Internal Controls.xlsx / WCIDA Certificate of Effectiveness of Internal controls 2014.pdf / Certificate of Effectiveness of Internal Controls- 12-31-13.pdf 

 Procurement Policy and Report   WCIDA Procurement Report 2016.docx /Procurement Policy- 9-10-15.pdf / WCIDA Procurement Report 2015.docx /WCIDA Procurement Report 2014.docx  WCIDA Procurement Report 2013.docx 

 Investment Policy and Report WCIDA   WCIDA Investment Report 2016.docxInvestment Policy.pdf / WCIDA Investment Report 2015.docx / WCIDA Investment Report 2014.docx / WCIDA Investment Report 2013.pdf

Real Property Policy and Report   WCIDA Real Property Report 2016.docxWCIDA Real Property Report 2015.docx / Wyoming County IDA Real Property Acquisition Policy.pdfDisposition of Real Property Policy.pdf/  WCIDA Real Property Report 2014.docx / WCIDA Real Property Report 2013.pdf