Choose Wyoming


Located in Western New York State between Buffalo and Rochester, we live in 16 historic towns and eight charming villages, as well as on the abundant dairy, crop and livestock farms that are the soul of our county. We have excellent schools, county-owned hospitals, year-round outdoor activities, close proximity to major cities and research universities, and a wonderful quality of life.


Forward-thinking and strategic support from local and statewide business development agencies ensure that we’re ready to optimize production for businesses in any stage, from start-up operations through global expansions. An educated, skilled and capable workforce will help your business grow. And as our economic base expands, we are leading the state in green energy and agricultural technologies because they’re better for our land and our people.


Exceptional opportunities exist for precision agriculture and green energy entrepreneurs recreation and tourism-based ancillary businesses, dairy and crop production-related support businesses, and small-to-midsize international corporations looking to outsource start-to-finish manufacturing or completion of products through a U.S.-based hub.