THE Board

Board Selection Policy

The term of office of each member of the Agency shall be at the pleasure of the Wyoming County Board of Supervisors, and each member shall continue to hold office until his/her successor is appointed and has qualified.

Board of Directors

  • Mark Dadd, Chairman  M. Dadd Bio
    166 Main Street
    Attica, NY 14011
  • A.D. Berwanger, Vice Chairman  A.. Berwanger Bio
    6608 E Arcade Road
    Arcade, NY 14009
  • Rebecca Ryan, Treasurer R. Ryan Bio
    172 W Buffalo Street
    Warsaw, NY 14569
  • Thomas McCormick, Secretary Tom McCormick Bio
    5190 Sheppard Road
    Bliss, N.Y. 14024
  • E. Joseph Gozelski, Director J. Gozelski - Bio
    6175 E Lake Road
    P.O. Box 331
    Silver Springs, NY 14550
  • James Rutowski                                                               75 North Main Street                                                Warsaw, NY 14569   
  • Niccole Hastings   Niccole Hastings Bio                      6032 Horton Road                                                     Bliss, N.Y. 14024