Other Projects That Have Received IDA Assistance

Hidden Valley Animal Adventure

Hidden Valley Animal Adventure opened to the public in 2010. The project took more than three years to complete; but it has received nothing but rave reviews from visitors. The WCIDA assisted the project with property and sales tax incentives and the WCBAC approved a $250,000 loan for finishing touches, working capital, and marketing.

Woman Feeding Goat

Hillcrest Industries

Hillcrest Industries in Attica began production of a new glass bead product that is used in road applications in 2009. The company planned to install three furnaces used in this process within the next two years. The WCBAC provided a 200-000-loan in order to acquire and install its second glass bead furnace in 2010. This is the second of three proposed furnaces to produce a new glass bead product that is used in highway applications.

Toy Storage

Toy Storage In collaboration with the WCBC, the WCIDA utilized its power of "eminent domain" to acquire the former Robeson site in Castile. The court proceedings were completed in August 2010 and the property is now owned by Tim Calmes and is the home of Toy Storage; a storage and repair facility for recreational boats.

Blue Seal Feeds

Blue Seal Feeds in Arcade continued its growth by adding a new palletizing system to the recently completed warehouse project. The WCIDA assisted with sales tax incentives for the project.

Wyoming County Blue Seal
Building Window

Perry New York, LLC

Perry New York, LLC, received financing and tax assistance for the rehabilitation of commercial buildings in Perry.

RS Maher & Son, Inc.

RS Maher and Son, Inc. received financing assistance to complete its new truck and farm vehicle repair facility in Eagle.

Steel & O'Brien Manufacturing, Inc.

Steel and O'Brien Manufacturing, Inc. was assisted by the WCIDA to receive financing from the NYS Office of Community Renewal. Simultaneously, the WCBC assisted the company in obtaining financing from Empire State Development Corporation.

Attica Mill Works

Attica Mill Works received WCIDA financing to become the sole U.S. distributor of special hard wood flooring that is manufactured in Europe.

Crompton Camp Grounds

Crompton Camp Grounds (Yogi Bear's Jelly-stone Park) in Java made big splash by opening its new $3 million water park in 2009. WCIDA assistance helped resolve financing issues for the project. In addition to increased sales tax revenue and job creation for the county, Jelly-stone Park has also contributed more than $20,000 in county bed tax each summer.

Crompton Camp Grounds