About Us

The Wyoming County Industrial Development Agency (WCIDA) works alongside other county agencies and affiliates (WCBAC and WCBC) to act as the lead entity in providing economic development services. The WCIDA acts as a coordinating agency for a variety of corporate financing and incentive programs offered by local, regional, state and federal agencies. The WCIDA keeps abreast of the available programs and provides assistance to businesses should they choose to apply for such financing. In some instances, the WCIDA also acts as the official conduit for the funds.

The Wyoming County IDA (WCIDA) is a public benefit corporation established in 1974 under New York State legislation and regulation. The agency is governed by a seven member volunteer Board of Directors who are appointed by the Wyoming County Board of Supervisors. The Executive Director / CEO, selected by the IDA Board, manages daily operations.


Funding for WCIDA activities is provided through project fees charged to business participants, interest earned on investments, and occasional government grants.

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The WCIDA works on behalf of Wyoming County as a resource for businesses within the County to encourage capital investment and expansion through cost saving incentives. The WCIDA welcomes new businesses from outside the county looking for new locations and opportunities to expand and create new employment within the county.

The WCIDA welcomes the opportunity to discuss what it does with the public and elected officials. By submitting a brief contact form with your questions or comments, the IDA staff will gladly reply with the information you are requesting.